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Methyl-specific isotope-labelling techniques paved the way for the characterisation of large proteins and protein complexes by biomolecular NMR spectroscopy.The methyl group is an ideal probe for NMR studies of the structure, dynamics and function of high molecular weight proteins. In the past few years several biosynthetic precursors have been developed to prepare highly perdeuterated protein samples with residue type-selective methyl group protonation.

NMR-Bio offers the latest generation of NMR optimized precursors for specific [13C, 1H]-labelling of methyl group in proteins.Our precursors are supplied as userfriendly kits, ready for a direct introduction in culture medium without the requirement of further modification. Our kits are packaged in vials precalibrated to be used in a 1L E. coli perdeuterated culture medium.

Specifically [13C,2H]-labelled 3-keto acid derivatives are the first precursors introduced into the NMR-Bio catalog. These precursors allow stereospecific labelling of methyl groups in leucine and valine residues and regiospecific labelling of isoleucines. These new labelling kits allow specific labelling of Ile/Leu/Val methyl groups with the possibility to incorporate 13CH3,13CHD2 isotopomer or a linear 13C-spin system, for biostructural applications or dynamics studies of protein assemblies using liquid and solid state NMR.

Latest generation of NMR-Bio kits allows incorporation in perdeuterated protein of 13CH3-groups in any combination of Ala, Ile, leu, Met and Val residues without detectable scrambling. Please visit our products section for more information.